Let me introduce myself, François Dubuc, household appliances technician since 1994. Around 2001, I found an antique Frigidaire brand refrigerator. At the time, I did not know the exact age and worth of my find. I loved to put that refrigerator back in working order and give it back its brand new look. Since then, it is in my kitchen as second refrigerator and as a fantastic decoration element…

Following this new acquisition,
My curiosity about this fridge made me discover an american business in Georgia. For many years, this business has sold on the Internet antique cookers and refrigerators throughout the United States.They bring back to life those treasures from the past just as I did with mine. I discovered on that web site fabulous models that I didn’t know they existed.

Since then,
one find at a time, I built a more an more interesting inventory. Since 2003, I go from exhibition to exhibition with my antique appliances, beautiful and entirely functional, ready for a second life…

It’s now your turn to discover them… Have a nice visit!

New! Show room and warehouse at Sherbrooke!

100 appliances to see at this place!

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