My business is located in Sherbrooke. I picked up most of my “treasures” here, in the region. For some particular appliances I went outside anywhere in Quebec and few times in Ontario…

Many have been given to me, when people don’t know what to do of them because they are not working or not that clean anymore… I can sometimes pay up to $200, $300 and even more for rare objects or exceptionally clean ones. Since I’m still at the building state of my business, I limit my spending because warehouse space and budget and limited… I already have a list and pictures of interesting appliances that I want to keep in mind, for the day I’ll need one of those treasures people keep at home. You can also send me pictures by email to know if I would be interested by the model you would like to sell.

The selling price of my “master pieces” are determined according to their originality, the rarity of the item and mostly the restoration work done. In average, I put between 30 and 50 hours of work per appliance. I use, as much as possible, pieces of origin, but I sometimes have to invest a lot of money, up to $600 for new pieces for a cooker. To paint the refrigerators, I give the contract to an experienced paint who has great equipment for exceptional results. This means I have many expenses, manipulation and work hours for just one restoration. That explains my selling price that I believe are honest considering what I have to put in…

I also offer shipping and installation for customers within an hour drive from Sherbrooke, and a one year warranty on parts and labour is included in all prices mentioned in this web site.

You need one or many appliances for the setting of a movie, a TV show, a play or any other special occasion… contact me by email or by phone, I will be pleased to help you find the right pieces for the setting you need. Prices will depend on the pieces you need, the duration of renting and if transportation is included or not.